Peer to Peer collaboration:

A wikispace is like an online file cabinet for just about anyone to share resources, documents, videos, etc.

In education, a class or small group can collaborate online using a wiki. The amount of students collaborating on a wiki is limitless and free! Students can create a wiki to meet several different learning targets in any content area. A wiki could be used by teachers as a:
  • Communication tool
  • Global collaboration with other classes
  • Post class agendas and assignments
  • Manage class groups and their assignments
  • Place to host online class discussions
  • Embed and post videos for preview or review of lessons
  • Embed online flashcards for students

A wiki can be used by students as a:
  • Place to work with students in their class or around the world
  • E-portfolio to document learning throughout a class
  • House group work as it progresses
  • Get and receive feedback on assignments
  • Small group discussion
  • Collect and share research with other students
  • Present and share information on different topics

There are many benefits to collaborating through a wikispace regardless of students age, class size or location. Students of any age can use a wiki because of the privacy settings available for educators. Teachers can lock down certain pages so that only a class can see them. Teachers can lock a page once students have finalized work. The control options for students are

The challenges to working with a wiki are teaching students how to use the wiki. There are many tricks to a wiki and a teacher would have to explain those to students in class. However, a “how-to” video could solve many problems with that. The biggest challenge to using a wiki is making sure students do not delete other students work if they are collaborating on the same page.

Learning Objectives associated with wiki pages:
  • Students will be able to write review questions and post them to the “end of unit 3 review page.”
  • Students will be able to create short informational videos and post them to the wiki page.
  • Students will collaborate on different topics related to the Cold War, then post the key components to their wiki page for other student to use.

Sites for students to create wikis:

This is a screen shot of a wiki my students collaborated on with kids in Pennsylvania

Examples of teacher & student wikis: (my students contributed to this one!)

For more information, check out this wiki: