Quiz & Test Builders: ExamBuilder


ExamBuilder is a Cloud based service for creating exams and reporting results. The service requires no downloads, installs or plug-ins. Currently the website offers a free trial. Establishing an account takes less than a minute. The homepage offers an explanation of new features, a list of e-Learning events, and a menu to start and manage exams.
The standard ExamBuilder service offers two types of exams, Certification and Click to Learn. Certification allows students to skip questions, change answers, and review answers prior to submitting the exam, but does not provide immediate feedback. Click to Learn provides immediate feedback, but does not allow students to skip questions, change answers, or review answers prior to submitting exam.
ExamBuilder allows the following question types: multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, multiple select, and matching. As an instructor creates questions they can assign the questions to a pool, literally meaning to pool questions together under a common objective or theme.
In order to save time, instructors will want to have questions and answers ready prior to building an exam. Once an exam is being built, the process is very efficient. When the exam has been activated, though, instructors cannot add questions, delete questions, reorder questions, or change question pool assignments, or change the correct answers for matching questions on that exam.

Would I recommend ExamBuilder to a colleague? Yes, but only if the individual fully understood the amount of time required to set-up the question bank. Instructors and students will benefit from ExamBuilder because of the efficiency in building exams and receiving feedback. In the online classroom, the receipt of immediate feedback will provide the student with knowledge of the objectives mastered as well as those which require additional work. Remediation, if needed, can start immediately. ExamBuilder also allows the instructor to schedule retake exams automatically.

Learning objectives connected to the use of ExamBuilder:

1. The learner will demonstrate an understanding of formative and summative assessment as well as informal and formal assessment by correctly identifying characteristics of each.

2. The learner will demonstrate the ability to identify and define additional online tools which can be used for assessment by correctly matching the tool with its definition.

Other options for online Quiz & Test Builder tools include Zoomerang, Survey Monkey, and LON-CAPA.