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Created by: Heather Kilgallon, Shelly Spallees-Hansen, Alan Campbell and Kim Jablonski

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As we as educators strive for continuous improvement in our students, the role of formative and summative assessments is essential to monitoring progress and driving instruction. Many in education are moving away from the standardized testing model of assessment and are using performance assessments to measure what their students have learned and can apply. These forms of project based learning allow students to see the connection between what they are learning in class and how they may apply it in their lives or workplace environments. According to Roberta Furger, "...well-crafted performance assessments share a common purpose: to give students the chance to show what they know and can do and to provide teachers with the tools to assess these abilities."

In this wiki, we will explore a variety of assessment tools that can be added to an instructor's toolbox to effectively assess and communicate student performance. We will review specifically wikis as a collaborative tool, live journals as a reflective tool, Exam Builder for quiz and test building, and Microsoft Excel as a course tracking tool.


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